Executive Orders

After Congress failed to pass a bill that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act before the reconciliation period expired, President Trump has signed an executive order to undercut the ACA.  The order directs federal agencies to allow the interstate sale of association health plans, extend the length of coverage of short-term insurance policies,

An association health plan is a form of insurance where small businesses band together through an association to negotiate health benefits.  The executive order allow employers in the same line of work to form an association health plan together to offer healthcare to employees regardless of the state.  This would allow people to buy cheaper insurance with fewer benefits than what the ACA marketplaces offer.  These plans may attract healthy people, causing the marketplaces to have fewer healthy people and thus increasing premiums.

The executive order also changes the availability of short-term insurance policies.  These policies offer limited benefits and are intended to offer temporary insurance to those between jobs or young adults no longer eligible for their parents’ health plans.  Under the Obama administration, short-term insurance could not last for more than three months, but Trump’s order would extend that to almost a year.

This page serves as an archive of those executive orders.


Executive Summaries of Bills