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Below are the links to news articles that HRT has presented on its curated news sidebar since April 27, 2017.

April 2017

NPR: As Trump and Congress Flip-Flop On Health Care, Insurers Try To Plan Ahead (Apr 27)


LA Times: California Single-Payer Healthcare Bill Passes First Committee Test (Apr 27)

May 2017

The Commonwealth Fund: Financial Performance of Health Insurers: State-Run Versus Federal-Run Exchanges (May 3)


Health Affairs Blog: New $8 Billion For Those With Preexisting Conditions Appears To Boost AHCA; Critics Say Amount Is Too Low (May 4)


Health Affairs Blog: New $8 Billion For Those With Preexisting Conditions Appears To Boost AHCA; Critics Say Amount Is Too Low (May 4)


Health Affairs Blog: House Passes AHCA: How It Happened, What It Would Do, And Its Uncertain Senate Future (May 4)


Politico: ‘The White House Just Couldn’t Let This Go’: The inside story of how Trump and the Republicans got Obamacare repeal through the House. (Hint: It wasn’t pretty.) (May 5)


The Sacramento Bee: Bernie Sanders Wants California to Lead on Health Care (May 6)


The Washington Post: Who Will Decide What the Senate’s Health Bill Looks Like? Follow the Medicaid State Senators (May 9)


NBC News: Senate Group Draws Fire for Lack of Women Working on Health Care (May 9)


Health Affairs Blog: The Bipartisan ‘Single Payer’ Solution: Medicare Advantage Premium Support for All (May 11)


Los Angeles Times: Gov. Jerry Brown Offers More Cash in His New Budget, Jabs Lawmakers Who Follow Trump’s Lead (May 11)


Modern Healthcare: New York’s Single-Payer Healthcare Plan Passes in State Assembly (May 17)


The Commonwealth Fund: AHCA Would Affect Medicare, Too (May 17)


Health Affairs: Medicaid: What Happens Now? (May 17)


NBC News: Uh-Oh: The House May Need to Vote on Health Care (Again!) (May 18)


The Hill: Study: House Obamacare Repeal Bill Cuts $43B in Medicaid Funds for Children (May 18)


CNN: Trump Budget: $800 Billion in Medicaid Cuts (May 22)


Politico: White House Seeks 90-Day Delay in Obamacare Subsidy Suit (May 22)


The Sacramento Bee: The Price Tag on Universal Health Care Is In, and It’s Bigger than California’s Budget (May 22)


Politico: CBO: House Obamacare Repeal Bill Would Leave 23 Million More Uninsured (May 24)


NBC News: Senate GOP at Impasse on Health Care, but Will Push Forward Anyway (May 26)


Health Affairs Blog: California’s Coverage Expansion: Fiscal And Political Risks (May 30)

June 2017

Sacramento Bee: Government-Run Universal Healthcare Wins Vote in California Senate (June 1)


Vox: New York Tells Insurers to Sell Obamacare — or Else (June 5)


Reuters: Anthem to Leave Ohio’s Obamacare Insurance Market in 2018 (June 6)


L.A. Times: Crunch Time as Senate Republicans Race the Clock on Obamacare Repeal — and the Rest of Trump’s Agenda (June 6)


The Washington Post: Senate Leaders Plan to Rush a Health-Care Bill to a Vote, and There’s Nothing Democrats Can Do About It (June 19)


The Washington Post: Yes, Mitch McConnell’s Secretive Lawmaking Is Really Unusual — In These 4 Ways (June 19)


The Hill: RSC Warns Senate: Healthcare Changes May ‘Jeopardize’ Bill (June 19)


The Washington Post: PowerPost Senate Democrats Intensify Criticism of Emerging GOP Health Bill (June 19)


The Hill: Trio of Conservative Republicans Rip Senate Healthcare Process (June 20)


The Washington Post: Senate GOP Leaders Will Present Health Bill This Week, Even as Divisions Flare (June 20)


Politico: How McConnell Gets to 50 Votes to Repeal Obamacare (June 20)


The New York Times: Where Senators Stand on the Health Care Bill (June 22)


CNN: Senate Finally Unveils Secret Health Care Bill (June 22)


The New York Times: Professors Call Health Bills a ‘Giant Step Backward’ (June 23)


The New York Times: Senate Health Bill in Peril as C.B.O. Predicts 22 Million More Uninsured (June 26)


The New York Times: Vote Delayed as Republicans Struggle to Marshal Support for Health Care Bill (June 27)


The Washington Post: What You Need to Know about Preexisting Conditions in the Senate GOP Health Plan (June 28)


The Atlantic: What the Republican Health-Care Holdouts Want (June 28)


The Washington Post: McConnell Is Trying to Revise the Senate Health-Care Bill by Friday (June 28)


NPR: Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill (June 28)

July 2017

Bloomberg BNA: Senate Health-Care Stabilization Funds Could Offset Premium Hikes (July 5)


The Hill: Pence Endorses Repeal and Delay Strategy on ObamaCare (July 10)


The New York Times: Congress Is Facing a Time Crunch to Repeal Obamacare (July 10)


The Atlantic: How to Know If the Republican Health-Care Bill Is Dead (July 11)


CNN: McConnell Delays Start of Recess until Third Week in August (July 11)


The Hill: Moderates Holding Back Support for New Senate Bill (July 13)


Bloomberg: McCain’s Absence Pushes Republicans Deeper into the Mud (July 17)


The New York Times: Health Care Overhaul Collapses as Two Republican Senators Defect (July 17)


The Hill: GOP’s Repeal-Only Plan Quickly Collapses in Senate (July 18)


Reuters: Trump Calls Senate Republicans to White House for Healthcare Push (July 19)


The Washington Post: 32 Million More Americans Would Be Uninsured by 2026 under Senate Measure Heading to a Vote Next Week, CBO Projects (July 19)


The Washington Post: Former CBO Directors in Both Parties Defend the Agency after White House Attacks (July 21)


NBC News: Confusion Grips Senate GOP Ahead of Expected Health Care Vote (July 21)


CBS News: Senate Parliamentarian Says Some Major BCRA Elements Subject to 60-Vote Threshold (July 21)


Business Insider: The GOP Healthcare Bill Went through Another Perilous Week that Has Its Supporters Saying, ‘Who Knows?’ (July 22)


The Washington Post: McCain’s Return to Senate Injects Momentum into GOP Health-Care Battle (July 24)


CNN: McConnell in Last-Minute Push to Win Votes on Health Care (July 25)


Kaiser Health News: Who Knew Senate Health Bill Debate Could Be So Complicated? (July 25)


The New York Times: Senate Votes Down Broad Obamacare Repeal (July 25)


Vox: What’s Next for the Senate Republicans’ Effort to Repeal Obamacare, in One Flowchart (July 25)


Politico: ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Still Lacks Votes to Pass (July 26)


The New York Times: How Many People Across America Are at Risk of Losing Their Health Insurance? (July 27)


NBC News: GOP Senators Threaten to Block ‘Skinny’ Health Care Bill (July 27)


The New York Times: Senate Health Care Vote: Revolt Over Narrow Repeal Measure (July 27)


The Hill: Five Takeaways from ObamaCare Repeal’s Collapse (July 28)


Reuters: Trump Threatens to End Insurance Payments if No Healthcare Bill (July 29)


Politico: Lawsuits Could Force Feds to Pay Obamacare Insurers (July 31)

August 2017

NBC News: Health Care: President Trump’s Triple Threat (Aug 1)


Politico: Newest GOP Health Care Attempt Faces Same Tough Odds (Aug 1)


Bloomberg: States Win Right to Join Defense of Obamacare Subsidy Payments (Aug 1)


CNN: Senator Announces Bipartisan Health Care Hearing on Obamacare (Aug 2)


The Washington Post: GOP’s Next Health Care Fight? Whether to Hold Hostage Obamacare Subsidies (Aug 2)


The Sacramento Bee: See Who Lobbied California’s Failed Universal Health Care Bill (Aug 2)


The New York Times: Republican Senator Is on a Mission to Rescue the Health Care Law (Aug 5)


The New Washington Podcast: Senator Lamar Alexander (Aug 5)


Concord Monitor: Senate Republicans Nod at Bipartisan Push for Insurer Payments (Aug 6)


The Hill: Hatch on GOP’s ObamaCare Repeal Push: ‘They Shot Their Wad on Healthcare’ (Aug 7)


The Atlantic: Why Republicans Can’t Just Pivot to Tax Reform (Aug 7)


Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon Faces Recall Effort (Aug 7)


NPR: Trump to McConnell: ‘Get Back to Work’ On Health Care (Aug 10)


CNN: Congressmen: Our Bipartisan Plan for Health Care (Aug 10)


The Christian Science Monitor: Study Says Uncertain Future of Health Care Will Spike Premium Costs (Aug 10)


CBS: Anthem Becomes Third Insurer to Exit Virginia’s Health Care Exchange (Aug 11)


The Oregonian: Tim Nesbitt: Oregon Shows How to Govern Health Care Reform (Aug 12)


Business Insider: CBO: Here’s What Would Happen if Trump Ends Critical Obamacare Payments (Aug 15)


The Los Angeles Times: Deficit Would Balloon and Premiums Would Jump if Trump Ends Healthcare Subsidies, Budget Office Says (Aug 15)


Health Affairs Blog: If the Trump Administration Terminates Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments, States Can Use 1332 Waivers to Fund Their Own (Aug 15)


The Los Angeles Times: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Courts Central Valley Voters with Talk of Water, Single-Payer Healthcare at Fresno Meet-and-Greet (Aug 15)

September 2017

NBC News (Opinion): Employer Health Care Costs Are Rising… and We Need Congress to Help (Sept 5)


Stat News: Trump’s Administration Is Rewriting a Rule that Made Transgender Health Care Accessible. Patients Are Scared (Sept 5)


Stat News (Opinion): If Prices Are Kept Hidden, Consumers Can’t Take More Responsibility for Their Health Care Costs (Sept 5)


NBC News: Health Care Reform Flatlined. But Lawmakers Aren’t Giving Up (Sept 5)


NBC News: Partisan, Heal Thyself: A Bipartisan Hearing on Health Care (Sept 6)


California Healthline: Move To End DACA Leaves Some Young Immigrants Fearing For Their Health (Sept 6)


NPR: Will Congress Continue Health Care For 9 Million Children? (Sept 6)


CNN: GOP Senator: Bipartisan Health Care Bill Coming in 10 Days (Sept 7)


Washington Examiner: Daily on Healthcare: New Obamacare Overhaul Bill Coming… Liberal Groups Ready to Pounce (Sept 11)


The Hill: Paul: Cassidy-Graham Health Care Bill Not ‘Going Anywhere’ (Sept 11)


The Washington Post: The Dam Is Breaking on Democrats’ Embrace of Single-Payer (Sept 12)


The Washington Post: Pelosi Throws up a Giant YIELD Sign on Single-Payer (Sept 12)


The New York Times; Medicare for All or State Control: Health Care Plans Go to Extremes (Sept 13)


Health Affairs Blog: New Graham-Cassidy Bill: A Last GOP Shot At ACA Repeal And Replace Through Reconciliation (Sept 13)


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Cassidy-Graham Plan’s Damaging Cuts to Health Care Funding Would Grow Dramatically in 2027 (Sept 18)


The Hill: Cruel September Shifts to Democrats (Sept 19)


The Commonwealth Club: What Are the Potential Effects of the Graham-Cassidy ACA Repeal-and-Replace Bill? Past Estimates Provide Some Clues (Sept 20)


The Washington Post: Republicans Tweak Sanders over Health Care, but Cassidy-Graham Could Open a Path for His Bill (Sept 20)


Kaiser Family Foundation: Five Ways the Graham-Cassidy Proposal Would Affect Women (Sept 21)


The Washington Post: The Health 202: Cassidy-Graham’s Abortion Ban Workaround (Sept 22)


Huffington Post: John McCain: ‘I Cannot In Good Conscience Vote’ for the GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill (Sept 22)


Politico: Cruz Opposes Latest Obamacare Repeal Attempt (Sept 24)


NPR: ‘Millions’ Fewer Would Have Coverage Under GOP Health Bill, Says CBO Analysis (Sept 25)


The Washington Post: Obamacare Repeal Appears Dead — Again (Sept 26)


Politico: Senate Won’t Vote on Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal Bill (Sept 26)


Buzzfeed: President Trump’s Plan To Alter Health Care On His Own Could Destroy Obamacare (Sept 28)


CNN: The Wrong Scandal Cost Tom Price His Job (Sept 29)


The Hill: Five Questions on Healthcare Following Price’s Resignation (Sept 29)


The New York Times: Trump’s Next Move on Health Care? Choice for Secretary May Offer Clue (Sept 30)

October 2017

The Hill: Congress Misses Deadline to Reauthorize Childrens’ Health Care Program (Oct 2)


The Washington Post: Trump Administration Narrows Affordable Care Act’s Contraception Mandate (Oct 6)


Politico: Democrats Accuse Trump of ‘Sabotage’ on Obamacare Sign-Ups (Oct 6)


The New York Times: Schumer Says He Rebuffed Another Offer from Trump on Health Care (Oct 7)


The Commonwealth Fund: Trump’s Executive Order: Can Association Health Plans Accomplish What Congress Could Not? (Oct 10)


The Commonwealth Fund: How Have Health Insurers Performed Financially Under the ACA’s Market Rules? (Oct 11)


The Washington Post: Trump Signs Order to Eliminate ACA Insurance Rules, Undermine Marketplaces (Oct 12)


The Washington Post: These Are the Steps the Trump Administration is Taking to Undermine the ACA (Oct 12)


NPR: Halt in Subsidies for Health Insurers Expected to Drive Up Costs for Middle Class (Oct 13)


The Hill: Collins Criticizes Trump Health Care Moves (Oct 13)


The New York Times: 2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off (Oct 18)


Chicago Tribune: Bipartisan Deal on Obamacare Subsidies Stalls Amid GOP Opposition (Oct 18)

November 2017

NPR: After Maine Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion, Governor Raises Objections (Nov 8)

NPR: CBO: Repealing Health Coverage Mandate Would Save $338 Billion (Nov 8)


The Washington Post: Trump Picks Alex Azar to Lead the Health and Human Services Department (Nov 13)


The New York Times: Senate Plans to End Obamacare Mandate in Revised Tax Proposal (Nov 14)


Fortune: GOP Tax Plan Would Still Leave 13 Million Without Health Insurance, CBO Says (Nov 29)

December 2017

Bloomberg: The GOP Tax Plan Is a Nightmare for Obamacare Insurers (Dec 4)


CNN: These States Are Running out of CHIP Funding (Dec 14)


Insurance Journal: Settlement Reached in Partisan Lawsuit Over Obamacare Subsidies (Dec 18)


The New York Times: Republican Tax Bill Passes Senate in 51-48 Vote (Dec 19)


CBS News: GOP Tax Plan Could Cripple Obamacare (Dec 20)