White House Pushing for Another Health Reform Bill before April 29

April 20, 2017

According to the New York Times, today, White House officials announced that they were aiming to resurrect a revised version of the American Health Care Act (“AHCA”) before his 100th day in office next week.

Though the House has not released an official copy of the proposal, Politico published the reported latest version of the AHCA this morning.  It would maintain guaranteed coverage for emergency services and maternity care and the ban on insurers rejecting customers with pre-existing medical conditions.  However, states could seek waivers from some of the mandates if they could demonstrate that states could lower premiums without them.  States could request an exemption from the existing health law’s community rating rule intended to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions could not be charged prohibitive premiums.  However, to do so, those states would have to establish a high-risk insurance pool where such consumers could purchase government-subsidized insurance.

However, after the bill’s initial failure, and with general budget legislation on the horizon, it is unclear whether the House will want to focus on healthcare reform immediately after returning from its two week Easter recess.